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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Force Download the Address Book within Outlook 2010

When making a name changes to existing email accounts for Exchange/Outlook users there may be a long delay while the updated information propagates throughout all the servers of your Enterprise.  Here is a quick guide to follow to get the change completed faster.

Perform Task on Exchange Server 2010

After changes within Exchange such as Names change, run script:

Get-OfflineAddressBook | Update-OfflineAddressBook

c:\Windows\system32>Get-OfflineAddressBook: Update-OfflineAddressBook

Perform Task on Outlook Mailbox:

The Name change has been completed from within the Exchange server but not fully populated throughout all Outlook mail accounts.  In order to force your Outlook to update now, follow these steps.  Otherwise the user will have to wait until all of the servers update taking over a 24 hour time frame.

To force a full download of the address book

  1. Start Outlook, click
  2. Tools, click
  3. Send/Receive, and then click
  4. Download Address Book

Outlook Force Download Address Book

This process may take a while to complete.  There will be a progress window and once completed, you should have finalized the forced download.

Wanda Bannerman is the Mobile Architect for JHC Technology.  She can be reached at wbannerman(at)jhctechnology.com.

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