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JHC Technology is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Business based in the Washington, DC Metro area. Our primary focus is to offer customized solutions and IT consulting to our Commercial and Government clients. Our experts have a broad experience delivering and managing Microsoft Enterprise applications and Cloud and Virtualization Solutions, as well as mobilizing Enterprise data.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mobility First: It's All Possible

When the word mobility comes to mind, I think of being in motion, constantly moving, being able to do everything and anything while on the move. With the type of job I do it’s very critical that I have everything I need in order to be successful. I can honestly say that I applaud the inventors of cloud computing which helped shape the concept of mobile computing. 

The development of Cloud computing has taken the IT world to its heights and is grabbing the attention of every industry all over the world. Mostly promoting security and the ability for multiple users to be on the same environment all at once, mobile computing is enabling companies to have more of a hold of their private records and keeping their employees and systems safe. 

Most electronic devices are now having features that can allow the user to conduct business with just a single touch. It all started with PDA’s, which were mainly used by businesses for inventory tracking, but now newer devices can be used for both business and personal use. 

When talks of mobile computing came up, there was the issue of size and how they could accomplish the mobility aspect of it. We started with desktop computers which were too large, and the need was for devices that needed to be smaller in order to achieve mobility. Eventually, hardware manufacturers got the right idea, and now mobile devices are being used by everyone, everywhere. 

As a result of the mobile computing phenomenon, businesses are now going mobile, even government agencies are starting to adapt to it. This is where firms like JHC Technology come in, to assist businesses in making their offices mobile by leveraging Citrix on AWS to deliver apps on all types of mobile devices. It’s an awesome way to conduct business, especially while working at home. I always have full access to all my data and apps while on the go, everything is connected and I don’t need to be only in one location to get my job done. It has now become a necessity to have, now a day you see people constantly in their mobile device either working, browsing the web or catching up with the latest news. It has become our way of life.

Kelechi Uzo-Okoro is the Administrative Assistant for JHC Technology.  She can be reached at kokoro(at)jhctechnology.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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