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Friday, June 14, 2013

Save Money with a Wi-Fi Hotspot

With high cost to operate and use a Mobile device, such as a BlackBerry, we want to become accustomed to using the methods that keep charges down.  Everybody hates the large unexpected bill after a trip. If you are traveling or just nearing the end of your plan minutes for the month you may want to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. You may want to do this on a regular basis to keep your monthly usage low and stay away from experiencing any overages. A good practice is to turn off Mobile network and only turn on Wi-Fi whenever possible.  

I recommend you practice turning off the Mobile Network at home so you are familiar with how it is done once you find yourself in a Roaming situation.

Word to the wise;

  • If you make a call while connected with a Free Wi-Fi hotspot stay put until you are done talking.  Once you move away from the Wi-Fi hotspot your call will drop.
  • Before you travel internationally contact your carrier to ask “What is covered and what is NOT” while roaming. This could include your Internet email (Gmail, Yahoo and more).  This is considered data when roaming.  You are charged for roaming data even if you do not open the email account on your device. 
  • Ask about the cost to add International Data Roaming for one month, it may very well be worth the fee versus the surprise charges to your account afterwards.
  • Find out the fee for Instant messaging, SMS chat.
  • BlackBerry Messenger and Pin to Pin are both FREE
How to setup and connect to a Wi-Fi network

Before you begin, ask for the Wi-Fi name and password, if required. Most cafes and public places are starting to offer free wi-fi and generally require you to agree to terms of use prior to connecting. In other locations, it is becoming a common practice to secure the wi-fi network with a security key.  
You may also be provided security credentials (WEP, PSK, EAP-TLS etc...) in order to be connected. 
  1. From the Home screen,
  2. Locate and click the Manage Connections icon (For many mobile devices, this may be located in the Settings)
  3. Depending on the mobile device you will need to check the box for Wi-Fi and uncheck Mobile Network
  4. Your device will show a list of wi-fi networks, just click on the one you want to connect.
  5. If security key is required, you will be automatically prompted to enter it.
For Manual Setup:
  1. Select Set Up Wi-Fi Network > Other Ways to Connect > Manually Connect to Network.
  2. Type a profile name in the SSID field, type the name of the Wi-Fi network, Click Next.
  3. In the Security Type field, click the Wi-Fi network security type or credentials you have been provided.
  4. Click Save and Connect.
Just that simple, now practice.

Wanda Bannerman is the Mobile Architect for JHC Technology.  She can be reached at wbannerman(at)jhctechnology.com.

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