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JHC Technology is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Business based in the Washington, DC Metro area. Our primary focus is to offer customized solutions and IT consulting to our Commercial and Government clients. Our experts have a broad experience delivering and managing Microsoft Enterprise applications and Cloud and Virtualization Solutions, as well as mobilizing Enterprise data.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pixels for JHC and CloudCheckr

JHC Technology, Inc., was a featured interview in GigaOm as part of a larger story on our partner, CloudCheckr, as well as part of InfromationWeek.  JHC Technology’s CEO, James Hirmas, was interviewed by GigaOm about the role CloudCheckr plays in Amazon Web Services' GovCloud.  Hirmas noted the CloudCheckr benefits Federal Customers that are used to the traditional, fixed-price costing instead of a Cloud model.  For JHC Technology, an AWS Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller, its partnership with CloudCheckr has been mutually beneficial as both companies continue to advance their status as leaders in innovative Cloud solutions.

As Hirmas mentioned, Federal clients are facing a shift in their mindset around Cloud computing vs. traditional on-premises environments.  Part of that challenge is the usage costing of the Cloud.  The Government is used to getting a fixed-fee contract for services that doesn’t deviate from the agreed contract total.  In the cloud realm, as we know, that just isn’t the point.  Heavy usage equates to a higher cost, while light usage (think the week between Christmas and New Year’s in the Federal Government…) will result in lower costs.  Additionally, part of the entire Cloud model is to realize greater and greater savings by getting the supply line as close to the demand line as possible.

The good folks at CloudCheckr (www.cloudcheckr.com) have made a major step forward in allowing the very monitoring that will help companies and federal agencies get right to that demand line.  We have been working with CloudCheckr to expand its initial offering of 120 different best practice, security, and cost monitoring metrics (far beyond even what AWS offers from its own Trusted Advisor).  As we’ve worked together, CloudCheckr also realized the major value its product can have in the government space.  And for us, we needed the insight into AWS GovCloud, a region with separate requirements, including ITAR compliance, than the rest of the AWS commercial regions.  In fact, one of those requirements is that it is a US Persons only region, which uniquely positions CloudCheckr for success since most of the other leading monitoring services are outside the US.

When we needed CloudCheckr to provide that peek within GovCloud, those guys stepped right to the plate, recoding and delivering that capacity within a weekend, helping us bring such incredible insight to our Government clients.

Even beyond what currently exists, we’re excited because we know that CloudCheckr has some even bigger pieces on the horizon.  We’re certainly looking forward to it!

Matt Jordan is the Cloud Services Manager for JHC Technology, Inc.  He can be reached at mjordan@jhctechnology.com, @matt_jhc, or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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